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24-HR / 72-HR Packing List

Emergency Services Missions Packs: 24-Hour & 72-Hour

When members conduct an emergency services mission; whether ground, base, or air; members need to be packed for the length of the mission.  Below are the contents of the 24-Hour (24-HR) and 72-Hour (72-HR) packs.  Links in the lists re-direct members to Nation Headquarter's website for the form P.D.F.'s.  Some forms can be filled electronically before printing.  Cadets will need to have forms requiring a parent or guardian's signature signed by their parent or guardian.

24-HR Packing List

Members making a 24-HR Pack will need the following items (Members who are not authorized to wear the U.S.A.F.-Style A.B.U.s should pack instead with the Corporate Field Uniform equivalents):

  1. The Following Items Should Be on Your Person:

    1. A.B.U. Patrol Cap with proper insignia affixed (if applicable), or other headgear as directed,

    2. A.B.U. Coat with proper insignia affixed,

    3. A.B.U. Trousers with Tan Rigger Belt,

    4. Black Combat / Field Boots,

    5. Notepad, weather-appropriate (Yes, they make notepads that withstand the rain, and can be written on in the rain),

    6. Pencil and/or pen (your A.B.U. has 4 pen/pencil pockets in the trousers and three on the coat),

    7. All required Civil Air Patrol Identification:

      1. C.A.P.I.D.,

      2. C.A.P.F. 101 (obtained from eServices Operations Qualifications),

      3. C.A.P.F. 160(I): Member Health History Form,

      4. C.A.P.F. 161: Emergency Information,

      5. First Aid / Basic Life Support (B.L.S.) Certification Card if earned (required for GTM3),

    8. Watch, weather appropriate (if rain is expected, or you sweat heavy, you may want a waterproof watch),

    9. Reflective Safety Vest,

    10. Comb / Brush,

    11. Pocket Knife and/or Multitool,

    12. Tissue,

    13. Ground Team Member's Handbook (if on Ground Team / Urban Direction Finding team),

    14. Signal Mirror,

    15. Whistle,

  2. The Following Items Should Be in Your Bag:

    1. Bag (preferably Black, Red, O.D. Green, or pattern matching your uniform),

    2. First Aid Kit:

      1. Personal medications (Your leader / superior needs to know what you have one you, it should also be on your C.A.P.F. 160(I)),

      2. 2 antiseptic cleansing pads,

      3. Antiseptic ointment,

      4. 6 band aids minimum, various sizes,

      5. Moleskin, 2” x 4”,

      6. Roller Bandage,

      7. 2 Safety Pins, Large,

      8. 4 gauze pads,

      9. 1 Triangular Bandage,

      10. First Aid Tape,

      11. 2 pairs of rubber medical gloves minimum,

    3. Survival Kit:

      1. Chem Light (Chemical Light Stick), Green,

      2. 12 matches, wooden, waterproof; with container,

      3. 50’ of Paracord,

      4. 5-10’ of Duct Tape,

      5. Large Leaf / Garbage Bag

    4. S.A.R. Equipment

      1. Change of socks and undergarments,

      2. Flashlight, Red light or Blue light,

      3. Tissue Paper,

      4. Leather Work Gloves,

      5. Change or charger (to call mission base),

      6. Flagging Tape, 1 roll,

    5. For period entering 48-Hours:​​​​​​​​​​

      1. Spare Batteries, lightbulbs, flashlights,

      2. Insect Repellant,

      3. Lip Balm with sunscreen,

      4. Sunscreen,

      5. C.A.P.F. 106: Ground Interrogation Form (if on Ground Team / Urban Direction Finding team),

      6. 4 moist towelettes, sealed in the foil,

    6. 2 camping meals or M.R.E.s,

    7. Shelter Material, 8' x 10',

    8. Poncho / Coat/Jacket was weather dictates,

    9. Water source (2 canteens and/or hydration bag (i.e. Camelback)),

    10. Orienteering Compass with case, and "glow-in-the-dark" dial.

72-HR Packing List

Members making a 24-HR Pack will need the following items (Members who are not authorized to wear the U.S.A.F.-Style A.B.U.s should pack instead with the Corporate Field Uniform equivalents):

  1. All of the above from the 24-HR Pack,

  2. Tent (unless sharing with someone who has room in their tent),

  3. Sleeping Bag,

  4. Sleeping Mat,

  5. Waterproof Bag carrying spare uniform(s) and and undergarment(s),

  6. 3 additional meals (5 meals total),

  7. Toiletry Kit

    1. Toothbrush & Paste,

    2. Shaving Kit (if shaving),

    3. Deodorant,

    4. Either:

      1. If showers will be available: washcloth, soap, shampoo, towel,

      2. If in field: baby wipes & alcohol (otherwise known as a “field shower”),

    5. Body Powder (optional),

    6. A.B.U. Sewing kit,

  8. Spare Insignia (for cadets),

  9. Spare Boot Laces,

  10. 1 additional large leaf bag (total of 2),

  11. The following items are authorized but optional, pack at your discretion:

    1. Eye Protection,

    2. Entrenching Tool,

    3. Alcohol Pen and method of erasing (color of pen should NOT match the color of your flashlight)

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