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ICS Courses

F.E.M.A. Incident Command System (I.C.S.) Courses

Most E.S. qualifications require members to have completed some I.C.S. courses.  F.E.M.A. offers these courses free of charge to the general public when taken online as a self-study student.  In-person classes may charge a fee.  Members will need to apply for a F.E.M.A. Student ID, or F.E.M.A. SID, also free of charge.

After completing a course, members will need to upload their certificate of completion in Operations Qualifications and submit for the correct I.C.S. course.

Courses are hyperlinked, so members can click on the course and be taken to the courses self-study landing page.

IS-700 and IS-100, The Basic I.C.S. Courses

These two are basic I.C.S. courses, required by most beginning E.S. qualifications.  Members pursuing a tech rating in Emergency Services, Communications, Operations (by reason of meeting requirement to hold and air or ground qualification), or Safety (IS-100 only); to include cadets working to earn the right wear the related Senior Member specialty track badge; must complete these two courses.

IS-700: Introduction to the National Incident Management System (N.I.M.S.)  This course covers N.I.M.S., and provides a basis for Emergency Operation Centers, E.S. concepts, positions, and more.  

IS-100: Introduction to the Incident Command System (I.C.S.)  This course guides students into the Incident Command System, the concept and principals behind it, and much more. 

C.A.P.'s E.S. Program follows the I.C.S. and N.I.M.S. set-up, especially since we do work with other agencies.

IS-800 and IS-200

Members who want to move into higher E.S. positions, or are pursuing a tech rating in Emergency Services or Communications (to include cadets working to earn the right wear the related Senior Member specialty track badge), will also need these two courses.  Both these courses are required for those seeking to attend ICS-300 and ICS-400 in-person courses.

IS-800: Introduction to the National Response Framework  You must have completed IS-700 to take this course.

IS-200: Basic Incident Command System for Initial Response  You must have completed IS-100 to take this course.

sUAS and IS-5.A

Members interested in sUAS, either Mission Pilot or Technician, must complete both the four above courses and then complete IS-5.A: Introduction to Hazardous Materials to earn their qualifications.

Points of Distribution Course (PODC) - IS-26

Members looking to earn their Points of Distribution Course qualification can complete the online FEMA ICS course IS-26: Guide to Points of Distribution, pass the final exam, and submit the qualification with the course completion certificate. 

This qualification does require approval from the Squadron, Group, and Wing for activation; it will remain in "PENDING" status until all approvals have been submitted.

Other I.C.S. Courses

Members who intend to advance into I.C.S. Section Chiefs, Liaison Officer, Operations Branch Directors (Ground or Air), and/or Incident Commanders; Chaplains intending to pursue Mission Chaplain; or Character Development Instructors intending to pursue Chaplain Support Specialist will need to complete further I.C.S. courses.  The courses required will be listed on the respective qualification's SQTR.  The courses are as follows (in-person only courses will not have hyperlinks):


SQTRs can be viewed in eServices in Operations Qualifications.  If you have any questions or concerns relating to the I.C.S. courses required, please consult the SQTR.


In-Person I.C.S. Courses

Currently, four (4) courses are only offered in person.  Members can inquire about in-person courses by registering with Florida Department of Emergency Management (F.D.E.M.; hyperlinked).  You will need to upload your course certificates with the date completed, submit them to F.D.E.M., and wait for F.D.E.M. to record the courses.  Once your courses are approved, you can request to attend in-person training.  Do note that the course number may or may not begin with "ICS".  They may begin with a "G", "V", or "K".  These courses are free to attend but may not be local to the area.  Unfortunately, R.O.N. (Remain Over Night) is not likely to be offered or authorized for these courses.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Emergency Services Officer.



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